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Google Map API Change  - see http://www.ozeworks.com/google-maps-api-keys/

UPS XML Change - See http://www.ozeworks.com/ups-xml-changes/

Ticket Departments

When logging a Ticket you need to choose a Department.

Sales: If you want a quote before we make a change, you need to post your Ticket in our Sales Department.

Express Support: If your request is urgent and/or you want your Ticket dealt within 24 hours then please use the Express Support Department. Express Support has a minimum one hour charge of $125.

Support: Please note that any ticket taking more than 5 minutes to respond to may incur charges even if no programming work is required. Minimum charge is $30. Please do not mark Tickets as URGENT or ASAP. If they are urgent then you need to use the Express Support Department. 

Hosting: If you have a hosting issue such as your site won't load or you cannot access email then use our Hosting Department. Logging it to Support will delay response.