ozEworks Project Center

Ticket Departments

When logging a Ticket you need to choose a Department.

Sales/Consulting: If you want any advice on site features or design changes, you need to post your Ticket in our Sales Department. Rate is $150 an hour.

Support:  Response times for new Tickets is 10-14business days. Please note that any ticket taking more than 5 minutes to respond to may incur charges even if no programming work is required. Hourly rate is $95 per hour. Minimum charge is $45. If you want a quote before we make a change, you need to mark your Ticket as Request for Quote.

Express Support: If your request is urgent and/or you want your Ticket moved to the top of the support queue, then please use the Express Support Department. Express Support has a minimum one hour charge of $145. Response is within 24 hours.

Hosting: If you have a hosting issue such as your site won't load, you cannot log in, your IP has changed or you cannot access email then use our Hosting Department. Logging it to Support will delay response.